2 Mystic Moons on journaling & love letters to the universe


How have you used writing as a healing or trauma recovery tool? How does it give you autonomy and self-understanding?

Sonia: Writing has helped me in times of crisis, notably writing in a stream of conscious method. However when working through trauma I prefer non-verbal approaches like art making, yoga, movement, reiki, and meditation. Writing is a final step, a way to reflect on past trauma, and often I find it helps bring me to a deeper awareness.

Olivia: I journal everyday. I need to. It’s good for my mental health and my well being. It makes me happy. I find handwriting very relaxing and therapeutic. I love the look of my own writing and feeling the pen glide on the pages. The relaxing pleasure and form of self-expression I get from writing is healing.

Writing stream of consciousness without filter, self-judgment, and getting in the way of the flow is a very cathartic form of self-expression. It helps me organize my thoughts, understand my emotions, and is also a great opportunity to vent. I dump out in writing whatever I need to let go of. It’s my way of facing my shadows, dealing with them, then letting them go with writing affirmations or prayers. Sometimes I burn the writing as a symbol of releasing everything I had written down.

If I am going through a tough time, I write myself lots of encouraging pep-talks to myself, “C’mon, you can do this, Olivia….”

Do you integrate writing into your ritual/spiritual/magical life?

Sonia: Absolutely, a great exercise is putting intentions or affirmations into written words. Having to create a concise message, which captures all the elements of what you want to evoke, necessitates a precise and ultimately deeper understanding of your intention.

Olivia: I write a lot of affirmations and every once in a while, write up a “Cosmic Wish List” (my wish list to The Universe). Writing them on paper makes them feel more real.

I write what I call “Love Letters” to The Universe / God / my angels and spirit guides, and always sign every document with my full name, DOB, and the day’s date. I’ll leave these letters lying face up somewhere where they won’t be disturbed which can be “read” by my spirit guides and angels. Sometimes I incorporate candle magic and place the letter under a candle I've inscribed. Then I seal the letters in an envelope and put them on my altar knowing God / The Universe / my angels are taking care of it.

If we put three writers or books into a circle to summon you, who/what would they be?


Cat’s Cradle” – Kurt Vonnegut

“Man and his Symbols” – C.G. Jung

“Waking Dreams” – Mary Watkins


The Bhagavad Gita

“Hamlet” – William Shakespeare

“Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret” – Judy Blume

Is there a single piece/book of writing that has helped to heal you? How has it helped?

Sonia: “The Edible Woman” – Margaret Atwood

Olivia: “You Can Heal Your Life” – Louise Hay

Do you know of any great organizations that support literacy and writing for marginalized communities?

Sonia: In the Montreal area, there are some great organisations based in the St.Henri community. I used to work in the area of English literacy and these were some excellent places that offered services for adult literacy students; Literacy Unlimited (literacyunlimited.ca) and Reclaim Literacy (reclaimliteracy.ca).

Olivia: Sister Writes in Toronto.

About 2 Mystic Moons:

We are besties who have co-created our own Oracle Deck and book, “The Divine Wild: A Goddess Oracle.” Sonia is has her Sun and Moon sign in Pisces, and her Rising in Scorpio. Olivia is a Taurus Sun, Scorpio Moon, Aquarius Rising. We met at Grad school (Concordia University in Montreal, Canada) where we were both completing our Masters. We bonded over our love for the arts, spirituality, self-development, astrology, and more. We both graduated in 2012 - Sonia has her MA in Creative Art Therapies, and Olivia in History and Philosophy of Religion.



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